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Unwind from the stress of city life by immersing yourself in our tranquil organic farm and enjoying a cooking course in our Thai-style pavilions. Just 20 minutes from the city center, Grandma’s Home Cooking School is located in a small charming village in the Saraphi District.


Start your morning with a visit local market where our instructors will introduce the basic ingredients used in Thai cuisine and show how to select them. On our organic farm, you will learn more about Thai herbs and vegetables. You will not only be picking fresh ingredients yourself, you will also experience how to harvest mushrooms, collect chicken eggs and enjoy a farming-life experience.


Our cooking course offers famous Thai dishes such as Tom Yam (Hot and Sour Soup), Kang Kiew Waan (Green Curry), Pad Thai (Stir-fried Rice Noodles), Gang Massaman (Massaman Curry), etc. Select one refreshment and one dish from our fives categories; appetizer, stir-fried, soup, curry, and dessert. Our experienced instructors will demonstrate techniques step-by-step first and then it’s your turn to cook your selected dishes.


Book with us and discover new experiences with a cooking course at Grandma’s Home Cooking School.

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